Congratulations to our very first prize winners. Two lucky subscribers to The Journalist will each win R 3,000 and a set of books by Professor Jonathan Jansen, Rector of the University of the Free State.

And the winners are… Monako Debtle and Astrid von Kotze. We hope those are your names because one can’t tell from e-mails these days. They both sent us encouraging letters and requests to be signed up for The Journalist Newsletter. The cash and books will be on its way if you go to the About Us page and send us your contacts.

Monako Dibetle wrote:

What a brilliant concept! Congratulations to the entire team.
How fortunate are young journalist to have platforms like this one at their disposal…. I wish we had similar when I started as a journalist, some ten years ago.
Mine is just a congratulatory message and a request to receive your weekly newsletter.
Best wishes,
Monako Dibetle (ex journalist at a reputable Joburg based weekly)

Astrid von Kotze wrote:

I would like to sign up for your weekly newsletter… wonderful new initiative – get it going!

There will be another draw from our new subscribers next week. This time there is one prize of R3,000 up for grabs. But now we are going to make it more difficult. You have to sign up on the Home Page for the newsletter and then go to the About Us page and tell us three things you like about the site and three things we could improve. Be specific and good luck!

A collection of books by Professor Jonathan Jansen of UFS for this week's winners.

A collection of books by Professor Jonathan Jansen of UFS for this week’s winners.