Makoti kapa lefetwa?

Photostory: breaking down patriarchial stereotypes of the perfect bride

Cecil Rhodes as Amakwerekwere

#Rhodes Must Fall: Nibbling at Resilient Colonialism in South Africa

The night Kevin Baloyi was killed

Private security has unrestricted access to students

The Media and Multiple forms of Racism

Moving away from apartheid era stereotypes

The great media pioneers

Recording the lives and times of hidden icons of the past

The Massive Potential of Small-Scale Renewable Energy

Keeping the lights on for everyone

Size really does matter

Technology, sustainability and citizen-led energy solutions

Black bodies and the theatre of violence

Students should not be facing rubber bullets and stun grenades

What happens when student ‘radicals’ graduate?

Decolonising the workplace, injustice and privilege in military psychology

Viva Fidel!

If Africa is a country, then Fidel Castro is one of our national heroes.

Prophets for profit

How pastors are robbing their congregation and putting them in grave danger

We, the People: Insights of an Activist Judge

Albie Sachs launches his new book

Debunking myths about Trump’s win

Trump and Clinton brought out the worst in American humanity

President Trump: Chattering classes do ‘balance of forces’ assessments

Extremism, the tone deaf elites and “the deplorables”

Between journalist and activist

Scholars must go beyond educating ‘reporters’

FeesMustFall and the road ahead

‘Solutions will not come from short cuts, quick fixes nor commissions’

The Mabotja factor

SA actress and radio personality becomes youngest ever member of SAMRO board

“These are guys who shoot first and ask questions later”

Jane Duncan on the escalating violence on campuses

Make art not war

Open Forum creates a ‘safe space’ for reflection and dialogue

A tribute to Allister Sparks

Remembering the ‘media giant’

Male breast cancer: rare but real

A survivor shares his story

No, Bob Dylan isn’t the first lyricist to win the Nobel

Rabindranath Tagore: A Bengali literary giant

Proving how ‘woke’ we are in 140 characters

The limitations of #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh

Patriarchy must fall

Remembering and celebrating the corageous Khwezi

Stoned and threatened for filming UJ protests

“I am doing my job as a journalist”

The truth and nothing but the truth

Re-affirming undercover journalism practices

Today is the International Day for Universal Access… So what?

“ensuring that the continent’s sunlight is strengthened and that information darkness becomes a thing of the past.”

The interdict has “created a culture of fear”

“…there will be a flood when it breaks.”

The Black Consciousness novel ‘Amandla’

Experiences of black women during the 1976 student uprising

Beauty of the Heart book launch in Grahamstown

Q&A about Zubeida Jaffer’s latest book

Stones, stun grenades and rubber bullets

A week of protests in pictures

Protests: where do the students stand?

UJ students on #FeesMustFall

Media Freedom and the #FeesMustFall movement

Catch-22 for student journalists

Julian Assange influenced my life path

Motivated to activism by Wikileaks expose

The Graphic

A 50s Indian entertainment magazine that shaped political opinion

How hip hop saved my life

“Time flies when you are outside but it dies when you are on the inside.”

Uncertainty grips UFS

Campus shut down but there must be ‘give and take’

The Rain Queen Dynasty and Xhosa Prophets

A new exhibition pays homage to warrior women of our past

Notes from the Listening Room

Siya Makuzeni and the boundlessness of Music

The art of feminism

Conversations with women making a difference

Angela Davis and middle class politics

The problem with Popular Iconic historical moments

Pens down, curls out

Students speak out about the politics of hair

Hlaudi must fall

But the debate on violence in newscasts must rise

Erasure of black suffering in Anglo-Boer War

Thousands perished in British concentration camps

Mourning Women’s Month

#RememberKhwezi and #RuReferenceList protests speak volumes

Praise for The Journalist during our birthday month

A valuable resource and a place for meaningful debate

University fee increase will strengthen cycle of poverty

The testimony of the son of a farm worker

Female voices in the South African media

Nontsizi Mgqwetho, Ruth First, Helen Nontando (Noni) Jabavu

Decolonising the curriculum: Now for action

Process is about social justice

Bringing home the medals

Effort in Rio was best since 1920

The radio station by the side of the river

Building local democracy in Upington

Saying farewell to Jansen

Dr Khotso Mokhele reflects

The comedy of shaming is no laughing matter

‘Look at me y’all. I am seething with rage!’

Post-apartheid generation light up Olympic stage

South African stars to look out for at the Olympics

“You strike a woman, you strike a rock!”

Throughout history, women have had to fight for their place in society

Albie Sachs praises young writers for local governance series

Articles in The Journalist “reached through” to struggle veteran

A shallow local democracy

Ward 63: We go to the polls without answers to important questions

The Keeper of the Kumm comes to Cape Town

A 21st Century journalist finds her 19th Century ancestor

Crafted by colours

A Tessa Muller Production

A Radical New Approach to the Field of Economics

“Suppose you were flown in from Mars and have to analyse capitalism”

Charlotte Maxeke written back into history

First black woman graduate in South Africa

The historical factors that shaped local governance

Local Government in South Africa: Briefing Notes for Journalists: Part 2

The Sun shone briefly but brightly

1930s paper was led by C L Stewart and A S Hayes

Battling it out with words

Debate a potent agent of transformation and growth

Decolonisation by Data

A New Agenda for South African Social Science

The United Nation’s “Blue Angels”

African women in aviation are trailblazers

In Search of Bessie Head

Public Memorialising through Theatre

Local Government in South Africa

Briefing Notes for Journalists: Part One

A suburb of immense diversity

Ward 67, Yeoville, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province

Bringing peace when there is disagreement

Ward 13, Malamulele, Limpopo Province

The untold true story of Thokozani Village

Ward 19, Thokozani, Mpumalanga

Party politics chokes service delivery

Ward 19, East London, Eastern Cape

Ikhaya lam lise Sterkspruit

Ward 10, Sterkspruit, Eastern Cape

Some progress, but still not much to choose from

Ward 13, Thembalethu, George, Western Cape

A six hour journey to vote

Ward 6, White City, Postmasburg

The place I call home

Ward 33, Molapo, Soweto, Gauteng

It’s Municipal election season!

The past, present and the future of local government

Let’s Talk Frankly

Letters to Influential South Africans about the State of the Nation

UFS language policy challenged in court

The Journalist reporters

Watching the watchdogs

Surveillance: a threat to journalists and activists

Youth Art Massif gives teens a head start into the art world

Network creates own art opportunities

Holding My Breath: Facing grief through writing

Ace Moloi talks about his latest book

Should ‘blessers’ fall?

UFS students speak out

Teaching ‘economics as if people matter(ed)’

UCT course implies Africans have made no contribution to knowledge creation

The struggle of the Chagossian People

45 years since their eviction from their island home by the USA and Britain

The Blessee and the Damned

The term on everyone’s lips and fingertips

The class of 1976 – reflections from the Cape

‘There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’.

“Be Muhammad Ali today- speak truth to power”

Rabbi Michael Lerner’s full speech during memorial service for the late icon

“It was as if the world was coming to an end”

Journalists and activists remember June 16

UHURU Now: Grahamstown: the city of saints and sinners

“The Kings decree that we must work and die”

Africa focus on industrialisation

Climbing the ladder of economic development

Africa’s hidden history emerges

“Knowledge about the continent provides strong transformative power”

‘Where were they when the auditorium was burning?’

UJ students debate merit of private security on campus

The Shimla Park aftermath

UFS students dialogue before official enquiry

“Universities must #disrupt the system”

“Challenge complicity in patriarchy”

‘Rape: A South African Nightmare’ by Dr Pumla Dineo Gqola

“Book is easy to read and difficult to swallow”

‘Write for social change’ says Ama Ata Aidoo

Literary greats speak out in the Eastern Cape.

Salim Washington’s influence on Durban jazz

SA a place “where the final chapter has not yet been written”

Youngsters ‘get real music’ says SA blues guru

“They’re not all that stupid, can see through fabrication”

Lessons of Fees Must Fall

Call for reconstitution into Free Education Movement

Violence, nakedness and the discourse of #RUReferenceList

‘Anger is borne from a place of genuine pain’

UHURU Now: A deeper look at the university graduation

Quest to produce decolonised spaces

UHURU Now: Decolonising the teaching of economics in South Africa

Curriculum does not speak to country’s reality

UHURU Now: De-skilling and the Tertiary Sector

Graduates should value both theoretical reflections and practical application

Petitions for free Wi-Fi to bridge digital divide

The revolution for digital connectivity

Wheelchair bound and in search of accessible public transport

Journalist puts the system to the test

Mansukhlal Hiralal Nazar

First Volunteer Editor at Indian Opinion

MK Commissars’ stand similar to one taken 47 years ago

1969 Hani Memorandum called for serious renewal of ANC

Ebola: Local efforts were key in Sierra Leone

Lessons can help in battle against Zika virus

Further crackdown on media in Turkey

Concern over growing authoritarianism

Black Diamonds in the Rough

“At risk of always being someone’s pet project or lap dog”

Disrupting the silencing of voices

Protest at RMF exhibition an ‘act of black love’

City of Gold takes to the stage

Egoli restaged as part of 40th year celebration of iconic Market Theatre

Student life after Shimla Park

Can UFS ever be the same again?

Unsilencing UFS

Protest art shakes the campus

“We must call a spade a spade”

SRC speaks on developments at UFS

What is the future for The Black Child?

A student reflects on her shattered reality

“We have dreams for our children”

The end to outsourcing at UFS is the beginning of the real struggle

Church should choose mass solidarity over mass prayer

To be “purely evangelical” is to betray the Christian faith

Moses Tladi Unearthed

Documentary explores journey of 1920s landscape artist

UFS faces difficult moment

COMMENT BY Zubeida Jaffer, publisher

Cheers as violence erupts on sports field

“One of the most disturbing scenes I have witnessed in post-apartheid SA”

Tragic events at Shimla Park

Attacks at rugby game strikes at heart of UFS

The Burning

“We must refuse to use the master’s tools”

Expanding the airwaves

The rise of community radio in post-apartheid South Africa

Centenary of Sol Plaatje’s Native life in South Africa

A record of the cruel colonial land grabs of 1913

The invisible illness: one woman’s journey with fibromyalgia

Numerous visits to doctors, pastors, prophets and sangomas

Face to face with the Penny Sparrows in the realty business

Journalist relates her own experience with racism

The speech that won’t go away

Address by Stellenbosch University Alumnus demands deep reflection – and action

The State of South Africa: Universities come to the table

Academics and policy makers come together to focus on the African continent

Mobiles that mobilised thousands of students

Pocket studios key in #FeesMustFall protests


Small Eastern Cape band striking a universal chord

Sol Plaatje: 1876 to 1932

Wordsmith extraordinaire

I am a South African

A young poet gives insight on her roots

Journalists work their MOJO

Countering the Sparrow narrative just a cell phone away

Jonathan Jansen in the eyes of Volksblad readers

Call on newspaper to rise to the occasion

Photographers’ book nominated for Design Indaba Award

Three young men travel 24 000 km to capture the country after two decades of democracy

Writing Back to the Industry

The Poetry of Sihle Ntuli

Our banking and monetary system is toxic

100% money system advocated

World economic order under the spotlight

Inequality has reached obscene levels

The stories that captured readers’ attention

The Journalist’s most read pieces of 2015

Earliest known biography of an African woman translated to English for the first time

Ethiopian noblewoman Walatta Petros left her husband to stop the spread of Roman Catholicism, possibly fell in love with a fellow nun and was elevated to sainthood.

Healing our wounds through story-telling

The Publisher of The Journalist, Zubeida Jaffer’s keynote address at the Vodacom Journalism Awards 2015

Leslie Sehume: Neglected by history

Lifetime Achiever Award for pioneer journalist

Emmy for Miners Shot Down doccie

Miners Shot Down. Rehad Desai talks to The Journalist

William “Bloke” Modisane: 1923 to 1986

Influential member of the Drum generation

Leaving the nest

Erica shares how she beat the first year blues

“Bronville gave birth to my new life”

Miss Earth South Africa’s princess on her life journey

In search of the truth

Investigative journalist’s fearless pursuit of justice

My visual art journey

Photo story: Part Two

Final Edition for 2015

Looking ahead to the future…

The disgusting hierarchy of who is mourned

Othering not unusual, including in the media

Abimael Tlale: A man of many talents

Prominent figure in Basotho politics

Xhosa poet challenges rigidity of language in SALA win

First prize for “A Naked Bone”

Engender TV Magazine

Examining how the media represents women

Outsourcing and Slave Wages Must Go

The Lesson from Kovsie

Student’s debut novel makes top 12

Life out of the Ordinary deals with white privilege

When will campus violence fall?

Several outbreaks in the last week

Revealing Uncomfortable Truths

De-colonializing higher education: A challenge to academic scholarship

JMSIG Roundtable

Questioning the media-democracy relationship

Halting of fee increase: A condition in our favour

Free quality education must rise!

Young Free State intellectual publishes book

Native Footprints: a collection of political essays

Song of the Soil: An exhibition by S’bonelo Tau Luthuli

Following in the footsteps of the great Nesta Nala

Veteran journalists to launch their books

Malala, Haffejee and Matisonn add to the SA narrative

Richard William Msimang: 1884 to 1983

Writer, politician and master of English Jurisprudence

Monrovia Mayor led life and death battle against Ebola

Liberian women played central role in struggle against the virus

Post-Ebola Women’s Groups Need Funding: Opinion

Taking on new roles as primary breadwinners & family heads

Protests and state violence

“Failure by police to comply with the law is the rule, not exception”

Students co-edit Cape Argus

A ground-breaking initiative

James Saul Mokete Thaele: 1888 to 1948

Linguist, writer, political activist

Student protests: Where next?

UFS students demonstrate that an injury to one is an injury to all

So you want to be a journalist?

First loyalty is to the people

The PW tweet and the ongoing fallout

Postings can damage trust in journalists

Senzo Shabangu’s art highlights struggles of migrants

Some of his work reflects personal experiences

Students Brutalised: At the seat of Democracy

Lured into Parliament then attacked

International Solidarity for #Fees Must Fall

This is more than just the cost of tuition says CNN

Police brutality must fall

Student determined that justice must prevail.

Student struggle in pictures

Student Protests photo gallery

Watch: Shutting Down the Rainbow Nation

The young ones have been born

Horatio Isaiah Budlwana Bud M’belle

1870 to 1947
Writer, Politician, Interpreter

Different protest, different reasons, same state violence

“Put down your guns and start listening”

Ghetto Fabulous: Spending a day in a township business shack

Mpho Mathebula’s creativity took him off the streets

At the frontline with the students

Young journalist’s first experience covering a mass protest

Knight’s theory of bedtime conditioning

In our language, to understand means to feel – Konstantin Stanislavsky

AU Media Awards

October 31st deadline for documentaries


A student perspective

Archibald Campbell Jordan: 1906 – 1968

Novelist and academic of note

The silencing must end!

Dangerous representations of student protestors

Student Uprisings that changed the world

The ‘bell tolls’ on SA campuses

Have we reached the end of Journalism?

Adapting in the face of rapid social and technological changes

Ancient Riel dance blows minds

“It’s in our blood”

Isaac Williams Wauchope: 1852 to 1917

Church Minister, Historian, poet

Dancing and Dreaming

Wuppertal Riel dancers talk about their heritage and future

Heidedal Rastas step in to protect kids from gangs

“It’s a spiritual challenge”

Bennie Bunsee: The man with 50 000 books

“I will honour your memory”

Expose yourself on TV (Part 3)

“You’ve got to be you”

Of Life and visually rich collages

Interview with Ugandan-born artist Benon Lutaaya

Inequality: Greatest Challenge of the 21st century

Pikkety lecture provokes intense debate

Habib slams violence and tactics of student activists

Goals are good, strategies need serious deliberation

Meqoqo: Hanging out with an RMF Leader

Chumani Maxwele, in the forefront of the Rhodes Must Fall movement, in conversation…

HIE Dhlomo: 1903 – 1956

“Libraries are the people’s universities”

The Pain of an Unequal Society

A post grad student says capitalism causes him real trauma

Expose yourself on TV (Part Two)

Speak from the heart

Cape Town Fringe Festival

Infused with doses of spirituality, drama and scandal

My Heritage, My legacy

A historian’s personal journey

Jordan Kush Ngubane

1917 to 1985
A prominent Zulu intellectual

The United States: My senses didn’t take a break

Through the eyes of a teenage African boy on his first visit.

Thaba Nchu IKS Documention Centre

Preserving Indigenous Knowledge in the Free State

Why you should expose yourself on TV (Part 1)

Make the information personal
Tim Knight’s series of Master Classes

Festival of Spoken Word touches a nerve

“They warmed our hearts, opened our minds and spoke truth to power.”

William Wellington Gqoba: 1840 to 1888

Office messenger, editor and wagon-maker

Healing: Changing Outdated Approaches

The power of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Opinion: We Treat Our Languages As Inferior

I remember writing ‘I am stupid’ when caught by the ‘language’ police conversing in our mother tongue.

FrankTalk: What does Africanisation of Higher Education mean?

Africans need to be cured of cultural amnesia

Write Like You Speak

Tim Knight’s series of Master Classes

REVEAL: Collage and Assemblage Art

His work is like a dream

Biko & BC: An Emptiness Left Behind

No area of the black experience was left untouched

Selby Henry Msimang

1886 – 1982
A foot soldier of the SANCC

Language: The great debate

UFS students have their say

South Africa: Approaching a Moment of Reckoning

Address by Professor Adam Habib at the Awards Ceremony
Seventh Annual Ubuntu Lecture and Dialogue Awards Ceremony

Turquoise Harmony Institute Awards 2015

The Journalist Publisher honoured with Media Award

Mephaso for Marikana workers

The more I tell the story, the more free I become

Deaf Culture: A heritage worth celebrating

Sign language is influenced by a set of social beliefs and behaviour values

Afrikaans must not fall

No to “lingual cleansing”

Opinion: ISIS & West Africa’s Vulnerable Youth

Agents of radical groups enticing the unemployed

Herbert Nuttall Vuma Msane

Like father, like son

Kenya Tweets Its Shame: Social Media Reveals Dark Underbelly

Facing up to an abhorrent attitude towards rape

The Curse of the MAMCWWM

A history that still poisons TV News

Stellenbosch students demand you Luister

Race still divides deeply

Screw the Inverted Pyramid

21st Century Storytelling demands we ditch the old rules

The Prophetezz

Not a Soothsayer but a Wordsayer

Wayde van Niekerk : The Kovsie who brought home gold

Humble, friendly, and decent in his value system they say

Healing Journeys of Indigenous People

Urgent Call for International TRC – Special Heritage Month focus

Rolfes Robert Reginald Dhlomo

Writer and historian
1901 – 1971

Rosa: A Love Song, A Choir & A Cultural Tradition

Expressing our common humanity & connecting with our roots

We have won battles but not the war

We have won the battle, but have we won the war?

Meqoqo: Call for a new Kairos Moment

Meqoqo, a nation in conversation

First black female SRC President: UFS a year later

Now they write praise poetry for her

Storytelling is Magic

It seems to be bred in the bone, part of our genes

Hanging from the rafters in Rocklands

Still some echoes of “UDF Unites” three decades later

Makoti kapa lefetwa?

Photostory: breaking down patriarchial stereotypes of the perfect bride

Cecil Rhodes as Amakwerekwere

#Rhodes Must Fall: Nibbling at Resilient Colonialism in South Africa

The Media and Multiple forms of Racism

Moving away from apartheid era stereotypes

The great media pioneers

Recording the lives and times of hidden icons of the past

The Massive Potential of Small-Scale Renewable Energy

Keeping the lights on for everyone

Black bodies and the theatre of violence

Students should not be facing rubber bullets and stun grenades

What happens when student ‘radicals’ graduate?

Decolonising the workplace, injustice and privilege in military psychology

Viva Fidel!

If Africa is a country, then Fidel Castro is one of our national heroes.


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