Aisha is a writer currently employed as a copywriter in Advertising. She is also enrolled at the University of Nairobi studying for a degree in Journalism and Media Studies. She has a strong interest in using social media as a platform to highlight, talk about and champion women’s rights issues. She believes that it gives a space for women who would otherwise be silenced to voice their issues and allows build communities with each other. She uses twitter extensively, under the handle, @bintiM, to spark conversations on various issues facing Kenyan women. Aisha was also involved in The Atieno Project, a collective of Feminists voices from Kenya that aims to educate audiences on various feminist topics. Currently they are working on project to document Kenyan Feminism and Feminism. During the 2014 16 Days of Activism campaign, she was involved with a group of women, Weavers, in a social media campaign that highlighted various issues related to violence against women.

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