Our launch promotion of weekly prize winners has ended with a final cash prize of R 3 000. The winner is Anita Froneman. The cash will be on its way

Not only did Anita sign up on the Home Page for the newsletter but she also wrote to tell us what she likes about the site and what we can improve. Thank you very much Anita.

We have forwarded your comments to The Team. We appreciate the fact that you took so much time to look at our work and to respond.

A number of media houses have contributed towards the Cash prizes for the weekly Lucky Draw. A big thank you to Independent Newspapers, City Press, the New Age and the Mail & Guardian for their generous support.

Here is what Anita wrote to us:

I like the fact that the website feels so strongly about context and the outlook you have on writing and reading stories in the specific context and circumstances it belongs. I like the changing pictures on the home pages, so I can get a sense of what the different stories are about before I decide what to read, without having to navigate to a different page. I like the variety of topics on the website. They appeal to different interests.

Now the three things I thought you could improve. I think the pictures on top of all the pages should change every few seconds so that the reader can see everything that’s going on, on a specific page. I think it might be an idea to post stories in different languages, not only English, since you cater for readers from all over the country and have writers from different cultures and languages as well. I don’t think there has to be the dark coloured section at the bottom of every page that says “About The Journalist” (since there already is a whole separate page for it) and shows the people who like it on Facebook etc. I found it distracted me somewhat from the page’s actual content.

I really do love the website. Thank you for creating it and giving aspiring journalists a platform to learn and engage!