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Apollonia Mathia: A rock of Sudanese journalism

Apollonia Mathia: writer, gender activist and visionary of Juba

Apollonia Mathia was a rare gem – a women’s rights activist and journalist – who fought tirelessly pre-South Sudan’s liberation from the Khartoum regime. She defied all odds in the turbulent post conflict region, stood for a free media, advocated for women’s voices and used the media as a tool to advance gender equality. She started out as a radio reporter and progressed to become a print journalist.

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A Tribute to Shamima Shaikh

Celebrating the life and courage of a remarkable South African muslim feminist

The anthology is co-edited by South American Muslim women’s rights activist, journalist and scholar Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente (Chile), Naeem Jeenah (South Africa) and Shehnaz Haqqani (United States) and celebrates Shamima Shaikh’s legacy, life and courage. The book highlights the struggles and issues that she held dear and believed were important for the transformation to a more inclusive society.

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Bantu women on the move

Discovering EP Ngozwana in The Bantu World

The grand narratives about history are misleading. Apart from the pass protests of the early 1900s and the 1956 march, history would have us believe that black women were not active participants in South Africa’s history. Athambile Masola digs into the archives.Recently I was searching for clues about Noni Jabavu’s life and I stumbled upon the pages of the 1935 edition of The Bantu World. I became intrigued by the representation of black women…

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