[intro]The Academic Citizen continues the discussion on the role of public intellectuals and thought leaders in society. Podcasts hosts, Dr Nosipho Mngomezulu and Kholeka B Shange speak to teacher and researcher Athambile Masola about knowledge production and gatekeeping.[/intro]

They also engage on how cultures and institutions, through patriarchy and academic journals, for example, have become gatekeepers of knowledge. This they argue, leaves no room for dissenting views and opinions and difference becomes a crisis normalised by gatekeeping.

The Academic Citizen (TAC) is an independent podcast series that is supported by the Academic Staff Association of Wits University (ASAWU). Established in April 2016, The Academic Citizen explores a diversity of topics and opinions relating to higher education in South Africa, today and into the future. Each episode welcomes a guest for an in-depth discussion of a particular issue relevant to university life today, including transformation in higher education, gender equity and virtual learning to name a few. Researched, edited, scheduled and produced by Simbarashe Honde.

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The Academic Citizen is funded by The Academic Staff Association of Wits University.