[intro]Les Switzer, a professor in the School of Communication and an adjunct professor in the Department of History at the University of Houston praised The Journalist during its birthday month for the work of the past two years.[/intro]

“[The Journalist] is a publication that can be a resource to students as well as professionals, and a meeting place for debating the kinds of issues that really need to be addressed today–and not only in South Africa”, he said.

Switzer said that ‘he liked what he saw when he first clicked through the site two years ago. And when he recently heard about publisher Zubeida Jaffer’s new book, Beauty of the Heart, the life and times of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke he went online to find out more about the book, and the site.

“I’ve just perused many of the stories in the present edition of The Journalist, and I must say I’m very impressed by the quality of the writing as well as the variety of stories that rarely see the light of day in SA mass media (much less mass media in the U.S.),” said Switzer.

He congratulated the team and said that The Journalist lives up to its motto, first-rate storytelling that provides context so that our present reality can be understood in relation to our complex past.