Abantu Book Festival photos of the day

Ever heard the phrase “beauty and brains” well one way to describe the #AbantuBookFest is “beauty and books”. Look, whoever said book lovers cannot slay has not been to the #AbantuLOOKfest because people are looking all kinds of snatched out here. Follow #AbantuLOOKfest on Instagram and see for yourself. Kusazoba lit! This is only the beginning.

All roads led to Soweto on Friday 7 December as book lovers descended on one of the only festivals in the country to focus on decolonising the literary space. Follow IG: #abantulookfestival

​Abantu Book Festival is a literature festival for black writers and readers. It runs until Sunday 9 December. And judging from the queues into the various sessions today, this kind of festival is in demand.

The highlight of the day was definitely Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who signed books and talked about being a feminist in Nigeria, transwomen and storytelling.

The book festival also has performances by musicians and poets, lots to keep attendees occupied.

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