[intro]A group of South African students write short messages supporting the NoToXenophobia campaign in the midst of the turmoil of xenophobic attacks in the country which were instigated at the CBD in Durban recently. They put to pen their thoughts on the attack and also stand with many fellow South Africans who are against the brutal killing of fellow African brothers and sisters.[/intro]

Palesa Morei

Palesa Morei

Palesa Morei, from Rustenburg in North West. I am doing my 3rd year in Communication Science: Media Studies and Journalism and am against xenophobia. We are ONE HUMANITY.

My country is beautiful. We say “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” – a person is a person through other persons. I envision an Africa without borders. Why are we fighting one another based on our differences? Is it that we are steeped in anger, poverty and power struggles not corrected in 21 years of democracy? Why are we oppressing people who were our helping hand when we needed places to hide? We call them “makwerekwere.” This is a subtle word we use in our circles suggesting the attacks are acceptable. Be careful, South Africa, not to become the beasts that you once defeated. (I share this message in the name of Ezra Mokgope, a UCT student from my hometown of Rustenburg. He is in hospital after being injured while protesting against xenophobia outside parliament last week.


Sinenhlanhla Zungu

Sinenhlanhla Zungu from Ladysmith in KZN. I am doing my third year in Communication Science: Media Studies and Journalism. I am against xenophobia.

I am deeply disturbed by the xenophobic attacks in KZN. I have no idea where the spirit of “Ubuntu” has disappeared to or if it’s not been in existence in the first place. People viewed the apartheid system practices as cruel and inhuman yet the next generation are committing acts of agonizing violence as bad as those in the past.
This is strictly Black-on-black racism. Last time I checked, South Africa was said to belong to all those who live in it. Such doings are going to take us back to the state of being disconnected from the rest of the world. Countries might end up withdrawing trading partnerships with us. As bad as the economy already is, it might get worse. If someone or some institution or country does not intervene now, South Africa will soon head for disaster.

Nombuso Ndlanzi

Nombuso Ndlanzi

Nombuso Ndlanzi, I am doing my third year in Communication Science: Media Studies and Journalism. I am against xenophobia. We are ONE HUMANITY.

You can chase a foreigner away from South Africa but that won’t grant you a matric certificate, degree or a job. The question I am stuck with in my head is a big WHY? Back then they used to shout, “Amandla Awethu, IAfrica Mayibuye” (Power is ours, Africa must come back). Now that the power is ours and that Africa is back, what are we doing to embrace it?

Killing, blaming and hating one another for our misfortunes – this is not on! It was said Africa for the Africans, where then must our Africans run to seek refuge if we kick them out like dogs? I learned Geography, Life Sciences and Technology from foreigners and if it were not for them I wouldn’t be here. Let South Africa be a warm, loving home for everyone.

Thabang Moselane

Thabang Moselane

Thabang Moselane, from Bloemfontein in the Free State. I am doing my first year in Media Studies and Journalism and I am against xenophobia. We are ONE HUMANITY.

How do I remain a patriot when events such as xenophobia are happening in our country? Can I remain devoted and passionate about serving my country? South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation because of its diversity and its multi-culturalism. It is considered a nation that is at peace with itself and the world, a nation filled with love. Is that really the case and if so, how does one remain a patriot to a country that contradicts its principles?

Again, generalizing would not be fair to the majority of the people. The only way I can remain a patriot is to convince myself that the majority of the population is against xenophobia and that this is all the work of criminals. Is this so?