Zemdena Abebe is an opinionated Political Science and International Relations graduate who has been actively engaged in women rights issues. Currently, volunteering for African Union –Academy Of African Languages headquartered in Bamako, Mali and hailing from Addis Ababa. As a Pan-Africanist womanist she has a strong commitment to amplify the voice of women in all arenas. . Being an ardent believer in being part of the change and a revolutionary warrior: her activism and voluntarism started in high school. She volunteered and consulted for the Speak Africa initiative (Speak Africa is a Pan-African media-focused communication strategy and platform designed to improve opportunities for young people’s expression and exchange, networking and meaningful participation in advocacy, decision-making and development using multi-media tools and channels) with UNICEF Ethiopia:. She has held various leadership positions; among them;. . Chaired. Addis Ababa Girls’ Forum which aimed at facilitating discussion among girls on issues that make them vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and laying the foundation for legislative intervention against sexual abuse. Plus, she was the first female president of Addis Ababa Student’s Union. She has participated in several forums at both national, regional and international levels, the latest being the Fourth Annual Leadership Conference held in Lilongwe, Malawi. She is also, a member of FEMNET. She is one of the 22 young African women selected as part of the writing for social change worship organized by AWDF and FEMRITE in Kampala, Uganda. She has excellent writing abilities in formal, report- type writings and informal pieces and years of tremendous experience in conducting Focus Group Discussions and writing research papers.

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