Patrick Pillay has enjoyed a diverse career and academic background and the evolution remains a work in progress. Following a long record of service within the Banking and Financial Services sector, mainly in Commercial Banking Management, including work as a Credit Specialist, Patrick established a Business Development Consultancy, Reference Point Consulting.

Throughout what remains mainly a career in commerce, Patrick pursued a path within the Humanities, through part-time studies in International Politics and Religion to formalise a strong interest in the areas of the sociology of religion and international geo-politics. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree [UKZN] and an Associate Diploma in Banking [CAIB(SA)], and recently completed a Masters degree in Theology [UKZN] which focused on the life and works of author and public intellectual, Christopher Hitchens and his critique of religion. Being, himself, inspired by a very strong interest in the intersectionality between geo-politics, human rights and religion, an entry into the world of journalism appeared inevitable, even if only through ‘Gonzo-type’ scribblings.

Patrick is currently completing a PhD. at University of KwaZulu Natal within the discipline, Sociology of Religion, investigating the emergence of Atheism in South Africa.

He never lets up on even the slightest opportunity to proudly signpost his current day-job within a carpentry firm in Pietermaritzburg, as their pre-eminent Lorry-Driver. There is almost nothing in the world that cannot be resolved in dialogue over a cup of tea whilst listening to a record of the best band in the world, Tinariwen, or the voice of Dinah Washington; or so Patrick believes.

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