Since obtaining his PhD in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam in 1973, Danie Strauss taught at the University of the Free State where he was appointed head of the Department of Philosophy.

In 1994 he became the Director of the Dooyeweerd Centre in Ancaster, Canada. As General Editor, he initiated the translation and publication of the Collected Works of Herman Dooyeweerd in English (16 volumes are published and a total of 25 is envisaged). After his return to South Africa he was Dean of the new Faculty of Humanities at the UFS (1998-2001). Apart from 15 independent publications, 40 international conference papers and 20 contributions to collected works, he has published more than 306 articles in national and international journals. In 2005 Peter Lang published his work: Paradigmen in Mathematik, Physik und Biologie und ihre philosophische Wurzeln (216 pp.) and in 2006 Peter Lang published another work on Reintegrating Social Theory – Reflecting upon human society and the discipline of sociology (310 pp.). In 2009 his work, Philosophy: Discipline of the Disciplines was published by Paideia Press, Grand Rapids, USA (715 pp.). In 2011 this book received the award for work in the fields of systematic philosophy or the history of philosophy for advancing the cause of the “Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea”. Recently the Publisher received a request to translate this work into Portuguese. Since 2013 Danie Strauss is a Research Fellow at the School of Philosophy, North West University, Potchefstroom campus.