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The Mesh: Connecting with environmental damage

Exhibition investigates our overworked eco-system and the hope for repair

“The Mesh”, an art installation by Keith Armstrong, with contributions by Thabang Mofokeng was exhibited at the University of the Free State’s Johannes Stegmann Art Gallery earlier this month, Thabo Twala reports.

Following a lecture on cultural studies with a particular focus on the broadened definition of the concept of a “text”, I felt the need to try and look at things from that perspective. Now, I certainly wasn’t going to read an activity like studying, as a text. That gets enough attention as it is.

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The Long Hard Fight For News on Robben Island

News snuck in under tables, hidden in porridge and in repaired shoes

As we celebrate media freedom this year, I am reminded of the many years we spent on Robben Island where there was a total news blackout. It was the 1960s, and the prison authorities in what was arguably one of the worst penal colonies in the world, very deliberately suppressed any news getting to us as political prisoners. Sunny Singh, Robben Island Prisoner No. 67/6 recalls his time as a political prisoner.

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Discovering Clements Kadalie’s writing

Essayist, opinion maker and thought leader 1896 – 1951

Clements Kadalie, known for being the first black national trade unionist in Southern Africa was more than a labour activist. He was described by Henry Mitchell, a young historian currently completing his P.h.D research on Kadalie, as a mediator, interpreter and broker between diverse publics, advocating for workers’ rights. This former teacher, used all media platforms at his disposal to make his Pan-Africanist opinions public, an essayist of note…

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