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A tender-hearted combatant of love

Zubeida told me she was working on an important story and I knew from that moment that I wanted to carry that amount of dedication and commitment to journalism and to shaping the conversations needed in order to transform society.

In October, Zubeida Jaffer received the prestigious 2020 Allan Kirkland Soga Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her sustained and extraordinary contribution to journalism, including her impeccable ethics and craft excellence.

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Dominant media reflects an elite bias

Voices of poor majority either ignored or made functional to dominant narrative

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose a range of acute inequalities across and within societies around the world. Nowhere is this clearer than in the disproportionately negative impact on the lives of the marginalised and poor. Public health systems are under heavy strain, unemployment is rising, access to online education alternatives for all scholars is unrealised, and opportunities to eke out even a meagre income in the informal sector are declining.

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Leading Ladies in the Media

Growth in number of black women in leadership positions in the media industry

Kiki Ntuli and Nwabisa Makunga join a legacy of trailblazing women in leading South African media.There has been a marked increase of black women in top positions in South Africa’s media industry but many still experience discrimination.This was revealed in the 2018 Glass Ceilings in South African Media study conducted by the South African National Editors Forum (SANEF) and Gender Links, with support from the Media Diversity and Development Agency (MDDA).

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Pushing pause on gender-based violence

Does media reflect a violent society, or does it play a role in perpetuating violence?

As parents we raise our children with the belief and hope that they will always be safe no matter where they go. But it appears that the predators are often closer than expected. Games and films filled with violence are in our homes, on the Internet and on our smartphones.

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Western media, Chinese media: where is African media?

Let’s hand the pen to ourselves

African communication professionals have started a movement to rebrand the continent. Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda at the first-ever Global Africa Forum on Communications (GAFCOMM) on 21 – 23 August 2019, they affirmed their intention to build a platform for thought leadership, growth ideas, and sharing of the best success stories.

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Toxic masculinity and aspiring to be James Bond

Toxic Hypermasculinity and the portrayal of gendered roles in media

In a society such as ours, with high levels of gender-based violence and public performances of misogyny, it is important to reflect on the impact that representations of hyper-masculinity in the media has on society, as it has the power to shape values, norms and perceptions.

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