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My time at the Journalist

An insightful journey of discovery

In this short but powerful reflection, former student Linda Fekisi describes her stint with this online publication as a series of defining moments.My time at The Journalist (TJ) was like a series of defining moments. It was an insightful journey of discovery both as a journalist, a mentor and as an academic.When I joined TJ, I had an idea of my role as a journalist.

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Womxn’s Month: To celebrate or not to celebrate?

Marking the month with prayer and action

This UCT student reflects on the meaning of Women’s month for her in the context of the country’s history and current challenges. The writer explains that the term womxn in this article is inclusive of the LGBTI community and is conscious of the complexities regarding the coloniality of gender in postcolonial spaces. Additionally, the term is also inclusive of transgender individuals that challenge the dichotomies…

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PODCAST: Women in Society

On episode 24, Thabang explores this: “Can society win and thrive if it keeps on restricting Women?”

There is always something interesting to listen to on Dear Millennial Podcast. This free form platform is proud to serve the world with some of the most inspiring and engaging content out there. Tune in for some curated and high quality content.

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Cyclone in Indian village stirs memories on tip of Africa

Reflections of a Habshi Yemeni Kokni Batavian African

Borli was not the only place that felt the destructive wrath of the mighty Nisarga. The Cyclone set off from the heart of the Arabian Sea before unleashing its ferocity along the west coast of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Nisarga meted out harsh treatment to some of Borli’s neighbouring villages such as Morba, Saigoan, Shrivardhan and Sarwa, from where many Cape Town families originate.

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Hometown Glory

Tapping into the artistic soul and depth of Emnambithi

Growing up in Emnambithi, history passed on through narration (oral history) told us that Shaka kaSenzangakhona named the area Emnambithi due to its tasty water. I currently reside in Bloemfontein and often buy purified water for consumption purposes and one thing I look forward to when I go home, is its tasty water. Although the town has had major problems with the supply of water – residents going without water for weeks on end – the town’s water tastes delightful.

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No spanking, no smacking, spare the rod

Will the new Con court ruling stop violence in its tracks?

In many households the unspoken rule is “you spare the rod, you spoil the child”. Parents pride themselves on adopting a discipline strategy that involves spanking their children. Today this attitude has been adopted by some black youth, believing that this has moulded them into the adults they now are. While it is true that this form of discipline deterred us from behaving badly in the short term, the truth is that this negative reinforcement misinforms…

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