My time at the Journalist

Linda Fekisi

In this short but powerful reflection, former student Linda Fekisi describes her stint with this online publication as a series of defining moments.

My time at The Journalist (TJ) was like a series of defining moments. It was an insightful journey of discovery both as a journalist, a mentor and as an academic.

When I joined TJ, I had an idea of my role as a journalist. I had my own views and opinions but I wasn’t really assertive in vocalising these views or knowing more about where I came from as an African journalist. I did not even think that I could even be an academic.

There was a magical “impossible is nothing” spirit within the team that I found inspiring. I learnt a lot from the mentorship and I pass it on each time I get the opportunity. Today, I am assertive about my position in history. My approach to storytelling isn’t linear. The academia space is still a bit tricky but not daunting and I believe that my voice matters.

The highlight of my TJ experience was the opportunity of mentoring students in the different circles. Each journey from brainstorming to publication was unique and fulfilling. I still carry those conversations with me to this day.

– Linda Fekisi is a former Kau Kauru editor. She is currently based at The Independent Institute of Education where she works as a Head of Programme (Journalism) in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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