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Campus shutdowns and NSFAS woes mark start of the academic year

Registration blues : financial exclusion means bright futures are on the line

Google ‘university registration’ and you’ll immediately find photos of young people with backpacks and in classrooms, smiling as they hand over documents to official-looking adults, surrounded by green campuses in a seemingly far away land. These romanticised images of university and of the registration process for students is a far cry from what thousands of black students in South Africa…

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Imam Abdullah Haron (1924 – 1969)

A spiritual force to be reckoned with

As this year marks half a century of Imam Abdullah Haron’s murder at the hands of the erstwhile and brutal apartheid’s security branch, the light of his conscious spiritual socio-political leadership and his editorship at the Muslim News keeps shining.Imam Abdullah Haron, born on 8 February 1924 in Newlands-Claremont, in the southern suburb of the Western Cape, was the youngest in a family of five, and still an infant when Asa Martin, his mother died. Since his father Amarien, was not able to care for him, his sister…

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Journalists listed in Agrizzi’s “little black book”

It is time we take seriously the call to clean up our own house and order of business

The allegations made by disgraced former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi talk to bribes of as much as R30,000 being paid to individual journalists in return for favourable stories. Allegations also surfaced about intimidation and harassment of journalists deemed too critical of Bosasa.

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Going sober on cyber: Will VR leave a mark on our kids?

Protecting our children from harmful media experiences

The use of virtual reality and augmented reality particularly in the games and entertainment space is rising rapidly in South Africa. The Film and Publication Board, mandated to regulate media content for purposes of protecting children from premature exposure to potentially harmful content in South Africa…

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Book Extract: Becoming Iman

An Adventure Through Rebellion, Religion And Reason

Iman Rappetti is an award-winning journalist who has been involved in print, radio and television. She worked as a young journalist in South Africa and then abandoned it (along with all her worldly possessions) when she became Muslim. She lived in the Islamic Republic of Iran for two years, where she also worked on a current affairs TV show for the state broadcaster before returning to South Africa and resuming her life here.

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Tribute to Oliver Mtukudzi – Zimbabwe’s ‘man with the talking guitar’

The sun has set on Oliver Mtukudzi

Musician Oliver Mtukudzi, who died at the age of 66, was a great cultural ambassador for Zimbabwe. Known to his fans as Tuku, he was a cultural icon for the southern African country. His aura and presence had a global resonance with fans around the world, yet the man remained humble and magnanimous.

I once boasted to some international colleagues that he was Zimbabwe’s gift to the world. But on closer scrutiny, he was the perfect gift for Zimbabweans especially during their tumultuous times.

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