The Journalist is launching the I am African Comedy Tour on 3 September 2019. Its aim is to build awareness of the Continent and strengthen the presence of The Journalist on campuses.

The Journalist, an online platform with multi-media content, is kicking off the I Am African Campus Comedy Tour at the Nelson Mandela University of Technology on Tuesday 3 September.

The one-hour lunch time programme, will feature comedians Riaad Moosa, KG Mokgadi and Lindy Johnson. It takes place at the Goldfields Auditorium, North Campus from 1pm to 2pm.

The programme is aimed at promoting an African identity and strengthening The Journalist on campuses around the country.

The first event is a partnership between The Journalist, the Nelson Mandela University of Technology and The Mail and Guardian.

Tickets available for free at:

The Journalist is in its fifth year and looks to expand further on campuses across South Africa. Media and communication students are part of the online website’s readers. Several students also participate in student circles and contribute to content in The Journalist.

“The comedy tour is aimed at raising consciousness about Africa and expanding the footprint of The Journalist, “said founding publisher Zubeida Jaffer, journalist, author and activist.

“This initiative provides us with an opportunity to popularise the idea of The African Journalist, a platform we hope to launch next year” she said. “The Journalist tells the story of our pioneer journalists and The African Journalist will extend this to other countries on the continent.”

Preparations are underway for a Cape Town leg of the tour later this year. Details will be announced soon. The comedy tour will become an annual event.

The Journalist is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) founded and managed by a team of credible journalists who have worked towards transformation in South Africa for many decades.

Its vision is to enhance existing media perspectives and help evolve a national narrative that is inclusive of all South Africans.

Its mission is to create an online news and educational portal for journalists and journalism students to strengthen their craft within the context of their socio-economic and political environment.

The Journalist is an online, digital platform offering a unique insight into the pioneers of South African journalism. The website publishes multi-media content focused on matters that affect South Africa and the African continent, create historical background and context on key South African stories. The platform further aims to build a community of journalism students at institutions across the country and link them with working and retired journalists to facilitate and promote the transfer of journalism knowledge.