Banathi Mgqoboka has written numerous consumer, solutions, community, health, human interest and arts focused news and feature articles, published for Media24‘s Cape Town community newspaper titles. He’s generally always keen to work on thought-provoking, socially conscious & critically informative journalistic and creative pieces through the mediums of print, television/film and digital media.

In 2017, he became the first South African journalism student to be shortlisted for the Best fact-checking report by a student journalist award – written in English or French at Africa’s Check‘s 2017 African Fact-checking Awards. Africa Check’s African Fact-Checking Awards honours the best fact-checking work done by journalists and student journalists in exposing misleading claims made by leading public figures and institutions across the continent.

Banathi is currently a master’s degree candidate in journalism and media studies at the university currently known as Rhodes in Makhanda, where he currently serves as a section editor for the Oppidan Press and a radio journalist for Rhodes Music Radio (RMR 89.7fm). He is originally from Cape Town.