Students at the University of the Free (UFS) abandoned the hustle and bustle of student life by coming out in numbers to attend the launch of a television station on their campus, Kovsie TV.

Kovsie TV is the brainchild campus television station of SRC Stu­dent Development and En­vironmental Affairs Co-ordinator, Victor Ngubeni. It is a ground breaking project that is set on promoting student activism and on taking storytelling to greater heights. Episodes of the station, which has been dubbed with slogan trending hashtag #RevolutionWillBeTelevised by students, will be broadcasted on YouTube and various other social media platforms. Viewers can also watch on television sets around the UFS in the near future.

Episodes of Kovsie TV will also be up on Blackboard and on the UFS podcast system.

According to Ngubeni, the current producer, the crew is made up of 12 students. “Every show will be in English, it will feature our two studio presenters and five field reporters. They will be working together in covering stories for the Kovsie community,” he said.

He added that the station is a platform for students to become more involved in campus life. “It’s here to ensure that students play their role when it comes to campus extra murals”, he said.

The audience was dazzled with a premier episode during the launch. In it they were introduced to the young talented presenters who truly showed everyone that dynamite does indeed come in small packages. The energy they displayed and the quality of the show was evidence of this.

One of them, Lesego Maakamedi, says that her hidden obsession of being the only one talking inspired her to go on a quest to become one of the presenters.

“For me, reporting for Kovsie TV means being the face of what makes up a conscious student, what keeps students in the know. I believe that it is really a big deal because students deserve to be in the know,” she said.

Kovsie TV adds to two existing student media outlets at the UFS which are the official student newspaper, Irawa, and campus radio station, Kovsie FM.

Photo by Tango Goode