[intro]The chaos in parliament last Thursday stirred the anger of millions of South Africans. University of Johannesburg student, Konanani Grace Mudau, penned a poem about our state of turmoil.[/intro]

We might as well have had the moment of silence…
Because he whispered something about education; the Math, the schools and even the science
Murmured talks of economic emancipation and tertiary fees

He mumbled about the black people and the land; the businesses and factories
Breathed silently about the tourists and the jobs they create
And choked on government’s support to the young and female
They clapped

They stood
Megaphoned arguments over a broken promise and a defence force as if it would heal
A plaster can’t mend a broken glass, a broken heart nor a broken country
He becomes his chair- inanimate; incapable of human quality
A country shaken by a valentined sea of men swaying in a bundled up motion as if they were fighting for the love of their people
But no…

Maybe for the love of money, power, disruption and everything else but the people
Fighting fire with fire sometimes burns the house down
So the Nation’s Address meant no more

The agony, the affliction resounds in the ordinary South African’s mind
The echoing image throws our faith out of Parliament like the Red sea
Where is the love?