Werner Fitzgerald Smith grew up in a little lost town of De Aar in the Northern Cape, as the third generation of his family living in this town. He lived by the following words: “Mentality no.1 get out of here alive.”

Primary school was spent behind books he was too young to read and playing all kinds of fantasy games. With high school came the love for music and everything music related. This lead to the discovery of his love for writing and the obsession that changed his life began. The rest of his high school career was either spent making music, writing, skateboarding or going on drama and chess trips.

Werner is currently completing his degree in journalism and media studies at The University of the Free State. He also sub-majors in English literary studies and philosophy. He spent his first year at varsity working for KovsieFm, presenting and co-hosting a few different shows. He aims to one day write for a music publication like Rolling Stone or Alt press.