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The arts section is joining up with Ja. Magazine, an online platform that collects, curates and celebrates the work of local creatives, with a handmade twist. Together with Ja. Magazine, The Journalist Arts page will bring you interviews, reviews and profiles from arts and music festivals around the country. We bring you interviews with upcoming legends and community artists while providing history and context. We do this by celebrating the unique power of the talented men and women who have strengthened the creative fabric of our society through the ages.

Performing live electronic music: The theatrics of CTEMF

Performing live electronic music: The theatrics of CTEMF

Ja. Magazine writer, Andy Mkosi, reported from SA’s biggest electronic music festival. While paying homage to the pioneers of electronic music, they consider the festival’s representation and talks online spaces and accessiblity when it comes to the offline, live music experience. It’s around four in the afternoon when I’m woken by an 021 number flashing through on my phone. It’s my colleague Philela informing me to start moving towards the Cape Town CBD. I drag myself off the couch and make...



Small Eastern Cape band striking a universal chord

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