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The Rwandan genocide: When Black Lives Don’t Matter

The rhetorical cries of ‘never again’ ring ever more hollow

In the Western mindset, as demonstrated by the near-unanimity of opinion from Western journalists in their discussions of Rwanda, the genocide in 1994 was simply the latest outburst of violence in a continent which had become synonymous with various crimes against humanity and mass suffering.Next month, it will be 24 years since the Rwandan genocide – one of the swiftest and most destructive…

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In conversation with Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi

A repository of our hidden African history

Thapelo Mokoatsi speaks to South African politician and the founder of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, about his personal encounters with historical Pioneers who led the way for media freedom.It is a chilly afternoon in Cape Town and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi only has a few minutes to spare. With his kind face and warm hands, he greets us before rushing us into the IFP offices at Parliament.

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Ah, but your land is beautiful

On the limits of landscape art and the land question

As the call for land expropriation without compensation steadily reaches a fever pitch, how might we begin to think of the land question within the practice of landscape art and visuality? Without exception, the land question in South Africa always strikes into the heart of colonial matters and the genre of landscape art is no different.

Out of all genres of representation, next to ‘still life’, it is perhaps landscape painting that is treated like a quaint apolitical subject, which it is not. Images are far from innocent and landscape art is a bit more surreptitious in its operations, particularly because it appears so self-referential.

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Zakes Mda on his new book, ‘The Zulus of New York’

“I write historical fiction to tame the past”

“My mission is to tell a good story. If I don’t make my characters human – the story will fail,” said Zakes Mda. The legendary South African novelist, poet and playwright, is currently an artist-in-residence at The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study where he is completing his latest historical novel, The Zulus of New York.In The Zulus of New York, Mda tells the story of a group of Zulus who were sent to England and later the United States

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