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Power play: how could SA media portray a female president?

Women in politics is contaminated by hegemonic masculinity

Most politicians often face the glare of news media, but for women in or seeking positions of political power, the scrutiny by the media can be quite contemptuous. This is a fact that has not changed much over the years, despite women constituting a powerful force in politics and at all levels of government. And yet somehow, there is a continuum of denial that exists in society that women’s…

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Axis and Revolution: Gabeba Baderoon compiles her fourth collection of poetry

“Poetry is not always pretty but sometimes it brings us close to beauty.”

Renowned South African poet and academic, Gabeba Baderoon, is currently working on her fourth poetry collection, Axis and Revolution whilst in residence at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. She read poems to a packed audience at Stellenbosch University which encompassed very personal depictions of love and betrayal, her family and home, and the power of photographic images.

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We Cannot Be Silent: Multi-media exhibition offers space for healing and hope

Honouring the lives of girls and women in South Africa

Over the course of the month a number of artists and art groups performed at the ‘We Cannot Be Silent’ exhibition including Jazzart Dance Theatre, South African-born pianist and composer Malika Omar and American music trio The Betty Effect. Award-winning filmmaker Nadine Cloete, known for her film Action Kommandant about anti-apartheid activist Ashley Kriel, screened her intimate short film featuring women talking about how unsafe the streets of Cape Town are for them after sunset.

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