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Book Review: The List is a page turner

This `novel’ has a special place of honour

With his latest book, The List, journalist and author, Barry Gilder has taken the first step towards possibly becoming South Africa’s John Le Carre. Britain’s Le Carre is known for his fascinating stories of espionage and counter espionage against the backdrop of British governance.What Gilder has done with The List is to take the reader into contemporary South African governance providing insights into what could be going on behind the scenes in the murky spaces of national and international politics. Not only does he do this, he also provides scenes that take us back to pre 1994…

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Sophia Yilma Deressa

Journalist, activist and politician

Ethiopian media legend whose legacy remains engraved in the hearts and minds of her fellow country folks for her social change agency has nerves of steel. Once incarcerated without trial, her parents were imprisoned, her husband was executed for unknown reasons. She endured all this under the Derg regime but continued her unwavering civic activism until independence.

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From business to terrorism, the double edged sword of digital communication

African regulators work together to harmonise the regulation of creative content

In the age of digital disruptions, with all its possibilities and failures, it is important for us as Africans to protect the African Child, and work together to harmonise our approach to communication of the future.The Film and Publication Board (FPB), and its African counterparts, similar industry regulators across the African continent…

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Striking the media gender balance

Huge strides have been made over the decades – but we’ve yet to cover enough distance.

This month the world celebrated International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter with the hope of moving towards a more gender-balanced world.International Women’s Day (IWD) looks to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women across the globe and marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality.

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Art exhibition: When Dust Settles

Weaving together memory and history

Winner of the 2018 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Visual Art, Igshaan Adams, recently held an exhibition at the Johannes Stegmann gallery in the Free State. In this exhibition Adams presents an eclectic and multi-sensory large-scale installation, bringing together aspects of sculpture, textiles, found objects, furniture and performance in an immersive environment. Nwabisa Timeni spent some time with Adams and reports on their conversation.

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Bound to violence: toxic queer masculinities in South African films

cademic Gibson Ncube considers two South African films, Skoonheid and Inxeba, to study how the films present male protagonists who negotiate their sexuality in conservative societies.

Two South African films Skoonheid and Inxeba, despite their diametrically opposed socio-racial contexts, broach violent and toxic queer masculinities, according to Gibson Ncube, an academic in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Zimbabwe and a fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. Ncube argues that the films present male protagonists who negotiate their sexuality in very conservative societies, Afrikaner in the case of Skoonheid and Xhosa in Inxeba.

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