About Us

The Journalist is a groundbreaking media project that provides history and context for key issues facing South African journalists. Since our launch in August 2014 we have provided a combination of first-rate storytelling with contextual detail, so often missing from contemporary stories. The site is refreshed monthly.

For more than three centuries we have been involved in wars and conflict. We have lived under conditions of peace and democracy for the past twenty years only. Now we at The Journalist are shaping our roles as peace correspondents.

We are committed to multimedia offerings that will challenge us to delve more deeply into the complex facets of our reality. We don’t only tell you what happened. We help you understand why.

The Journalist is an independent, not for profit organisation working with the academic community and a range of credible online entities to make knowledge more accessible to the wider public.

Four years ago, Publisher Zubeida Jaffer joined the University of the Free State as a writer in residence. As a seasoned journalist she could now, for the first time, pay close attention to academic content at universities nationwide. She became aware that journalism students were not provided with a South African historical perspective of their profession. They had virtually no knowledge of the giants on whose shoulders they stood. And so the idea of this website was born.

We invite you to take this journey with us and add your insights to weave together our past and present so that we know who we are as a South African media community. So that we can move with greater confidence towards creating our common future.

Please argue, engage, contribute and send us your stories. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other platforms.


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