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Student voices: Who I’m voting for

“I did not register but I regret it”

“I have registered to vote about four years ago, not certain if it’s still valid. I intend to vote for the EFF. I feel like Julius Malema should be given a chance to prove himself by fulfilling the promises he has made. Let there be change. Everything has changed now, for the worst. Example, if you rape a person you’re given a sentence of a year or two. With Malema, harsher sentences would be given. And if you murder someone, you should also be killed”.

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Graffiti is an eye-catching way to create lively spaces in cities

Creating meaningful and identifiable spaces

Whether it’s tagging (the stylised writing of an individual or crew’s name), posters, stickers, installations, murals or mosaics, graffiti has always been a contentious issue. Countries like the US, UK and Australia have adopted aggressive – and expensive – strategies to try and eradicate graffiti.

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No political party holds a monopoly on anyone’s vote

DA voter: Young South African, you owe the ANC nothing

There are one too many clichés around young people and how we supposedly are the future of our country. Sure, this might hold substance in some cases, but I believe that this can never live up to its true meaning when we are being robbed of opportunities by those who claim to represent our interests.About 25 years into our new dispensation, it is patently clear that government has failed to…

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A tribute to veteran Drum journalist Juby Mayet

“The brave and courageous”

It is with deep sadness that we learned of the passing on of veteran journalist and media icon and writer Juby Mayet. We are thankful that she was exemplary in her selflessness and service through the word. May her soul rest in peace.Veteran Drum journalist Juby Mayet was honoured for her role and contribution to journalism at the SABC.All she got was a bouquet of flowers and a travel bag as a present.

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Too many libraries are forced to close their doors

Essential rural knowledge-banks are under threat

As many as 15 libraries in the Eastern Cape have closed over the past year. Considering South Africa’s unequal access to data, internet services and poor access to existing public facilities – a renewed, innovative approach to the design of current and new library facilities is imperative.Considering South Africa’s unequal access to data, internet services and poor access to existing public facilities – a renewed, innovative approach to the design of current and new library facilities is imperative.

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Remembering K Sello Duiker, great writer of South Africa’s post-apartheid generation

Duiker’s books received acclaim for boldly tackling homosexuality, drug use, and sex work, and exploring subjugation, dispossession, and trauma.Kabelo “Sello” Duiker, novelist, screenwriter, and one of South Africa’s most exciting creative voices, had a brief but widely impactful career. Born on 13 April 1974, Duiker studied journalism and art history at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, where he co-founded a poetry society called Seeds. He published two novels, Thirteen Cents (New Africa Books, 2000), which is written from the perspective of a Cape Town…

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Spoiling the ballot: I’m not ready to vote

I have never been registered to vote and possibly never will be

As the national government elections approach, journalism students from the universities of Free State, University of Venda and University of Pretoria have taken time out to reflect on factors which will influence their decisions to vote or not to. Precious Mamotingoe Lesupi, UFS journalism student, reflects on why she will be sprinting away from the ballot box.Growing up, election season was always a major issue around the house.

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