PODCAST: Interrogating men and masculinity

By Thabang Moselane

In this podcast, Thabang Moselane chats Men and Masculinity. He also looks at “trash talking former employers in an interview” and on Street Talk, he explores the hashtag “Not All Men Are Trash.”

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Thabang Moselane

Thabang Moselane grew up in a small town called Christiana in the North West. At the age of six, he moved to Bloemfontein where he schooled until Grade 10. He then moved to Pretoria where he completed high school. He started a campaign at high school (Elmar College) with a group of friends called Students […]


OPINION: Gents, we need to rewire our thinking of women

While murder might be the final act against women, it is hardly ever the first time that a woman is violated. In many cases, the path to a woman's grave starts with loose talk by and among men in the absence of women. Sexual harassment and intimidation often start with mean and hateful things that men say to women. Many times it ends, as it has to many women who have dominated the media space in the last few days, with murder.

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Sonke Gender Justice calls on men in leadership to be positive role models

Be it pastors or politicians, Sonke Gender Justice has urged men in leadership positions to fight against violent masculinity.

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When violence begets violence: Men, trauma & HIV in South Africa

Young men living in urban informal settlements have experienced a huge amount of violence and trauma in their own lives. This may not come as a surprise to some, but within the HIV research world, it is rarely discussed.

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