International Solidarity for #Fees Must Fall

By Warren Ludski

The Fees Must Fall Campaign has received global support.

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the South African High Commission in central London last week, in solidarity with the country’s now-global Fees Must Fall campaign, before marching through the city.

London students said via Facebook they were “protesting against the police violence and calling for a 0% increase in fees nationwide, the decolonisation of the universities, in-sourcing of all workers and the release without charge of all protesting students”.

According to social media, protests were held in New York and other cities around the world this past week.

Meanwhile CNN reports that the Fees Must Fall campaign is much more than just the cost of tuition.

“The protests and student demands are not only about access but about the nature of higher education itself. Academia in South Africa remains a white, predominantly male space. In 2012, white academics made up 53% of full-time permanent academic staff. That is a staggering amount when you consider that white people make up only 8% of the population,” writes Basani Baloyi and Gilad Isaacs for CNN.

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Warren Ludski

Warren Ludski is a former Cape Town journalist who now lives in Canberra, Australia. He worked for The Cape Post for five years from 1967 until it was shut down in 1972, and from 1973 to 1986 for the Cape Herald. Both publications targeted the black communities of the Cape Flats. Although he reported on everything […]


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