Special report from Zimbabwe: The dictator falls at last

Adekeye Adebajo unpacks the complexity of Thabo Mbeki and the ANC

Former President’s political fortunes may be revived sooner rather than later

Metsimaholo Free State municipality: the tightest battle for power in democratic South Africa

A tale of coalitions and breakdowns

South Africa’s middle class is buckling under debt

Consumers face extreme financial pressure

The Risky Business of Sexual Violence

#MeToo: The only life raft I have is to join the chorus of women who tell their stories

Robbing Peter to pay Peter

Defunding institutions will entrench “toxic whiteness”

Is uninterrupted structural violence driving students to suicide?

Who is holding our educational institutions to account?

Papers with a colonial subjectivity

The case of the Alice Times

Hugh Masekela: the horn player with a shrewd ear for the music of today, not yesterday

"For me songs come like a tidal wave"

Why the media is a key dimension of global inequality

Corporate logics are colonising media and digital platforms.

Black Women Lawyers and the stereotype stress threat

For black women the internalisation of negative stereotypes can lead to additional stress which can hamper their career progession

Protectors who harm: sexual abuse too often begins at home

Our protectors are often the perpetrators who must be called out



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