Jansen is leaving UFS with ‘mixed emotions’

Freedom Day: The good, the bad and the invisible

We have a WINNER on Freedom Day

Salvaging moments with oil, charcoal and metal: The art of Banele Njadayi

Year of Chinua Achebe’s ‘A Man of the People’

Panama Papers: the nuts and bolts of a massive international investigation

Professor of Journalism, Cardiff University

Veteran journalist joins Wits Journalism as adjunct professor

Lessons of Fees Must Fall

Call for reconstitution into Free Education Movement

The Indian press: A proud history in South Africa

UHURU Now: The Trouble with ‘Transformation’

Violence, nakedness and the discourse of #RUReferenceList

‘Anger is borne from a place of genuine pain’

UHURU Now: A deeper look at the university graduation

Quest to produce decolonised spaces

UHURU Now: Decolonising the teaching of economics in South Africa

Curriculum does not speak to country’s reality

UHURU Now: De-skilling and the Tertiary Sector

Graduates should value both theoretical reflections and practical application



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