Sol Plaatje: 1876 to 1932

Wordsmith extraordinaire

I am a South African

A young poet gives insight on her roots

Journalists work their MOJO

Countering the Sparrow narrative just a cell phone away

Jonathan Jansen in the eyes of Volksblad readers

Call on newspaper to rise to the occasion

Photographers’ book nominated for Design Indaba Award

Three young men travel 24 000 km to capture the country after two decades of democracy

Writing Back to the Industry

The Poetry of Sihle Ntuli

UJ joins The Journalist

Our banking and monetary system is toxic

100% money system advocated

World economic order under the spotlight

Inequality has reached obscene levels

The stories that captured readers’ attention

The Journalist’s most read pieces of 2015

Welcome to our new editor

The Journalist opens its 2016 chapter



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