Godfrey Rosenbaum Zibuse Peteni Kuzwayo

1909 – 1965
An businessman and entertainment writer of note

The Disunited Kingdom: Britain Turns Sharp Right

Why British elections are important in Africa

You can’t compete by only hiring from your own backyard

Talent can’t be contained within borders

Enough is KWANELE! for Gay Pride

Movement divided along many lines

Escaping poverty: One young man’s story

Never question your ability because you’re poor

Broken hearts & ruined lives: Quake Aftermath In Nepal

Respecting the privacy and dignity of people depends on the journalist

Dance As Change

John Linden & Alfred Hinkel transforming lives step by step


Welcome to the April edition of The Journalist

In this edition we highlight issues that have informed much of the mainstream media coverage over the past 6 months.

They include the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine roll-out, the saga of the Zondo Commission and the special public holidays of 2021. Except that we reflect on the battles for public opinion and the underlying politics of these issues, rather than merely parrot what is already in the public domain.

The contribution on the Zondo Commission challenges the idea that the commission is merely about uncovering corruption and exposing perpetrators. The contribution on the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out is important because it shows how vaccine apartheid is being entrenched while ensuring profits for pharmaceutical monopolies at the expense of public health.

We also spotlight a momentous event of March 1871 – the Paris Commune –which inspired thousands to envisage a new society and which still resonates today in the form of a housing commune in Cape Town.

Our Arts section highlights the impact of the Sharpeville massacre of 21 March 1960 on artists in South Africa and in exile and how the massacre resulted in a surge of artistic creativity and imagination. As befits the first edition of 2021 we also feature a poignant article revealing the state of public schools where children of the poor bear the brunt of bureaucratic incompetence.

We also publish an obituary to Lovell Fernandez, one of the unsung heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle and a contributor to the understanding of social justice and law at the University of the Western Cape (UWC).


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