ISSUE #120

Working Class Day of Action

Call for better living and working conditions

Women’s Month: Memory over Forgetting and Gender based Violence

The system of cheap labour on the mines contributed to toxic masculinity and female dependence

John Nkadimeng and the Cuban Boy from the Cape

The young man from Salt River who joined Fidel’s revolutionary forces

Online Gender-Based Violence doesn’t hurt any less

Breaking down the dignity of women and girls in the digital era

eKhanana residents are tilling for freedom

Looking for food sovereignty in the promised land

Preserving Lovedale Press, a historical compass

Support needed to contribute to this rich archive and legacy

Leading Ladies in the Media

Growth in number of black women in leadership positions in the media industry

On Hodan Naleyah’s brave legacy, and what it means be Somali

My time at the Journalist

An insightful journey of discovery

Womxn’s Month: To celebrate or not to celebrate?

Marking the month with prayer and action

We need to act now for the sake of our children

The WHO –UNICEF-Lancet Commission’s clarion call for us to think how we advocate for the rights of children and the young

Solidarity During the ‘Outsourcing Must Fall’ Campaign: The Role of Different Players in Ending Outsourcing at South African Universities

The Crown

A short story set in the time of the pandemic

Tsitsi Dangarembga and writing about pain and loss in Zimbabwe

Writing a pain body and also reading such a body are acts of resistance and triumph

PODCAST: Women in Society

On episode 24, Thabang explores this: "Can society win and thrive if it keeps on restricting Women?"

ISSUE #120

Welcome to the October edition of The Journalist

In this edition we are beginning to review 2020 and anticipating 2021. This year has been dominated by the Covid 19 pandemic and the impact the Lockdowns have had on our lives. While Covid 19 is by no means over, a key event in 2021 will be the 30th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration on Press Freedom in May 2021.

We therefore have contributions that reflect on what press freedom may be like in the light of the persecution of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, and, with the increasing inequality in the world in the midst of the Covid pandemic, the challenges faced by journalists to give voice to experiences outside the ideological mainstream.

We spotlight a first-hand account of a doctor at the forefront of the struggles against Covid 19, a community voice telling us about the dire state of hunger and thirst in the Eastern Cape and an account of international solidarity of a South African studying in the USA.

Our Book Review honours a recent revisiting of Toussaint L’ Overture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution – the only successful slave revolution in modern history. The longer Academic section features a comic-book style account of the Three C’s confronting us today – Covid, Capitalism and Climate-change.


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