ISSUE #115

“The only people who can speak to grown men are men”

Let's take out the trash

Men: Stop yourselves from doing harm

There is no excuse for violence and aggression

#AmINext: UCT has done nothing to help victims of GBV

Students feel betrayed by government and institutions of learning


"Women don't owe you shit"

PODCAST: Interrogating men and masculinity

We are teaching boys to feel entitled to women's bodies

Xenophobia and gender-based violence in South Africa

Violence: Our vicious cycle

POEM: “In the comfort zones of male privilege”

Spoken word artist speaks his truth on gender based violence

Toxic masculinity and aspiring to be James Bond

Toxic Hypermasculinity and the portrayal of gendered roles in media

Writing about rape

How should journalists report on this epidemic

Let us get this right – Women Are Not Rocks!

If you strike a woman she will bleed and die

We need to raise a generation of men who do not rape, abuse or kill women

Women are under siege in South Africa

#MeToo: A survivor’s story

April last year I was raped, April this year I took back my body

ISSUE #115


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