ISSUE #114

Western media, Chinese media: where is African media?

Let’s hand the pen to ourselves

Launch of I am African Comedy Tour

Top Comedians to gather at NMUT to kick-start The Journalist’s initiative

Bringing our art back will be the beginning of a new dawn

European countries must return looted African art

The top five interviews with Toni Morrison

Hit play and soak in icon’s knowledge and wisdom

Book review: Period Pain

Kopano Matlwa gets South Africans to ask the important questions

Fresh vigilance is needed to protect media freedom across Africa

Obesity: Personally Responsible or Driven to Eat?

Unemployment, a ticking time bomb

Ramaphosa must make good on his promises to the youth

The power of telling my own story

A step towards normalizing homosexuality through a stage play

Gender expression in the workplace

You may be labelled a “bitch” when challenging accepted norms

Nokutela Mdima-Dube: The original Mother of the Nation

The pioneering black woman the world forgot

Book Extract: Parcel of Death

The biography of Onkgopotse Abram Tiro

The National Health Insurance Bill and the stock exchange

Authorities should listen to the health evidence

Whispering Truth To Power

Poem: Red Africa

“Azania! Hear the cries of your children”

The Erasure of Dulcie September

Her unsolved murder still begs questions

ISSUE #114


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