ISSUE #112

Stepping out of the Nuclear Shadow of the Zuma Years

South Africa does not have another 10 years to add to wasted decade

Plight of fathers precluded from their paternal obligation

Some yearn to be present to witness the efforts of their children striving upward.

Now You Done Gone & Killed Me

ZB Molefe: In Memoriam. January 1944 —May 2019

What will be the future of the ANC and the DA?

The ANC cannot rest on its laurels of being the historic liberation movement

ZB Molefe: a scribe with pedigree, curiosity and resourcefulness

Zuluboy Arthur Molefe: January 5 1944 – May 31 2019

Writing about rape

How should journalists report on this epidemic

Honouring the superheroes of democracy

Qaanitah Hunter wins Nat Nakasa award

Ramaphoria, no more than a fever dream

Bullet trains, skyscrapers and empty coffers

After the scramble: It’s time to return Africa’s vinyl records

“No longer should music be removed from the country in large amounts”

Active citizenship on our terms

South African youth speak up via online media

Newly published book puts young ‘Heroes’ in the spotlight

Honesty, resilience, tact, empathy, thoughtfulness and sincerity

The scourge of an unhealthy tax system

The burden of poverty: Ramaphosa’s government must decide who they prioritise.

The internet has no firewall for patriarchy

Cybermisogyny is on the rise, we need to protect our children

Raymond Louw: Editor, Journalist and Activist

13 October 1926 – 5 June 2019

Botswana court ruling is a ray of hope for LGBT people across Africa

“This decision is a landmark. It sets a precedent on which other African courts can rely”

Zuluboy Arthur Molefe, the fearless African Warrior

January 5 1944 – May 31 2019

ISSUE #112


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