ISSUE #110

Student voices: Who I’m voting for

“I did not register but I regret it"

Graffiti is an eye-catching way to create lively spaces in cities

Creating meaningful and identifiable spaces

Trust in Presidency may be a game changer for ANC in 2019 elections

Ramaphosa may have rekindled loyalty to the party that brought freedom and democracy to SA

No political party holds a monopoly on anyone’s vote

DA voter: Young South African, you owe the ANC nothing

Academics have shaped Sudan’s political history, and may do it again

Academics take the lead

Election 2019: This time may be different

Factions within the ANC could destabilise whatever emerges from the election

Health and the battle for public opinion

Look beyond economics to understand democracy and human well-being

A tribute to veteran Drum journalist Juby Mayet

“The brave and courageous”

Too many libraries are forced to close their doors

Essential rural knowledge-banks are under threat

Remembering K Sello Duiker, great writer of South Africa’s post-apartheid generation

Spoiling the ballot: I’m not ready to vote

I have never been registered to vote and possibly never will be

World Press Freedom Day 2019

“Nearly half of the world’s population lacks access to free information”

Parents be warned: Gaming is no child’s play

The portrayal of violence in our media bears a grim harvest and deserves to be treated accordingly

Juby Mayet: (1937 – 2019)

ISSUE #110


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