ISSUE #106

Finding common ground in foreign land

Using literature to break down boundaries

One for the books: Abantu’s bookstore and publishing house

Abantu Kid’s Zone: Let the children play

The children’s faces light up when they see characters that look like them, with names that are similar to theirs

The demon that is self-publishing

Selling books from the boot of a car

For the record: archivists abound at Abantu

The Journalist’s dynamic partnership with Abantu Book Festival

Starstruck: Abantu festival first timer

Thando Mgqolozana deserves a standing ovation

Musa’s fun at Abantu’s Kids Zone

I think more children must come to Abantu next year

Abantu Book Festival: nothing short of an introspective space

"Europe is irrelevant to our history"

Saartjie Baartman’s final resting place

Baartman cried out repeatedly to be taken home, and her cries have reverberated through the centuries

The law and dispossession from a black perspective

Born To Kwaito: Reflections on the Kwaito Generation

Setting the kwaito record straight

Abantu Book Festival: “We are also human”

History needs to be revisited

Create, don’t react

The Journalist encourages its writers to find their own voices

Chimamanda on feminism, first ladies and fiction

"My feminism is rooted in my great grandmother, who was headstrong"

Coconuts can’t be trusted with the revolution

Breaking the rainbow at Abantu Book Festival

Book extract: House of Stone

Novuyo Rosa Tshuma's debut novel

House of Stone re-imagines a collective home

“This is my love letter to Zimbabwe; even if it’s biting”

Abantu Food Fest: LesDaChef twists local flavours

Food is one of the greatest elements of culture

From the lioness’ perspective

Abantu Book Festival: a safe space for black people to share their vision

Abantu Book Festival photos of the day

And the book lovers did slay

Meet 2018 Brittle Paper Awards Winners at Abantu Book Festival

Book lovers flock to Soweto

Abantu Book Festival takes center stage

ISSUE #106


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