ISSUE #102

The Chinese Yuan – is this the world’s new super currency?

The Journalist’s financial analyst, Alrick Sangster, explains

The Steyn on the University of the Free State

Transformation cannot be dictated by white privilege

Mass surveillance practices are creepy, actually

Stopping the Spies, Jane Duncan’s new book on state surveillance

Miles Davis ’Kind of Blue’

Fifty-nine years on, we still give thanks and praise to this album

Grahamstown, why are our daughters, sisters and mothers silent?

Building solidarity across class divides will take more than a march

We need to talk about university depression

The demand for our mental health services is humbling

How peace journalism can help the media cover elections in Africa

Peace journalism has also been criticised for being too philosophical and idealistic

Apartheid’s heritage: continuing struggles in South Africa

Whites are reluctant to think about the implications of colonialism and Apartheid

Khensani’s death should be a reflection that we can do better as a country

Trump-ism and the collapse of liberal democracy

Trump turned himself into a movement

Italian Chef’s environmentally sustainable “Bunny Chow”

It is “cheap and high in calorie meal”

‘Spirit’ by Kwesta is our heritage

A Stimulus of power to strength to power

Stop striking her, she’s not a rock!

There is no reason to subject women to situations that force them to be strong

The dance of rebellion and feminist consciousness

Traditional Indian dance tackles rape culture and patriarchy

Bird Island: abuse by power-drunk ogres is historical

Rooted in a mentality that blacks are ‘non-persons’

The journey to becoming myself

A story about a transgender transition

ISSUE #102


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