ISSUE #100

Tipping the balance: fresh voice in a sea of media sameness

De Lille’s ‘D-day’ and teaching “those boys” a lesson

Philip Tabane: the African musical genius who played for the spirit

The Futures of African Media and Communications Studies

Book review: Philani Dladla, The Pavement Bookworm

Our voices: Long may they be heard

Voluntourism: Westerners playing saviour is dangerous to all

Traditional Leaders as “colonial agents” and the land question

Steyn, Like Rhodes, Must Fall

Message from President Cyril Ramaphosa

Nuclear Energy in South Africa: Ramaphosa’s mixed messages

In celebration of our African Pioneers: diggers of history

The Journalist celebrates publication of its 100th edition

Leading the pack: 100 editions on we recall our top stories

Restrict, regulate and reduce corporate power in South Africa’s food system

ISSUE #100


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